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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Located in the center of Paris, the American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) offers US higher education programs, taught in English, to students from around the world.

AGS specializes in international relations, diplomacy, and related areas, leading to a broad range of careers in international affairs, from government to intergovernmental organizations, to NGOs and the private sector.

AGS concentrates all of the qualities of a top rate educational institution in an intimate learning environment.

Here are some of the features that make AGS unique.

1. Expertise in International Affairs

AGS has specialized in International Relations and Diplomacy since the school was founded, in 1994. We have developed our expertise in a wide array of subjects within our core discipline, including, among others: conflict resolution, gender issues, NGO management, environmental politics, international public law, and area studies (Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia).

We also offer opportunities in complementary disciplines through dual degrees and study abroad programs with our partner institutions in France and internationally.

This course offering allows you to tailor your program around your interests and to pursue careers in many different sectors of international affairs.

2. Privileged exposure to the international scene in Paris

Home to hundreds of NGOs, intergovernmental organizations, and diplomatic missions, Paris is the ideal setting to study international relations.

AGS gives you privileged access to these resources through its faculty as well as through conferences, guest talks, site visits, and social events, creating many networking opportunities. Internships are another way to take advantage of this location. Many of our students intern at their embassies or with such organizations as UNESCO, UNEP, and OECD.

This full immersion in the world of international affairs will not keep you from enjoying a very Parisian life, making your AGS experience both a French and an international one.

3. World-class international faculty

Drawn from the international community of Paris, our faculty represents diverse national origins: India, United States, Great Britain, Italy, France, Iran, Israel, Canada... It features accomplished scholars who are recognized in their feld of expertise, as well as experienced practitioners such as former ambassadors, senior UN officers, journalists, and NGO leaders.

This diversity of profiles brings multiple perspectives on the subjects taught and supports our dual approach to learning that combines rigorous academic standards with professional skills.

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4. Multicultural environment

AGS students, just like faculty, come from all around the world. More than 50 nationalities have been represented in the AGS student body over the past twenty years. While coming from different backgrounds and horizons, our students share a strong sense of community, and many form lifelong friendhips during their AGS years.

This diversity also makes for enriching discussions and debates in and out of the classroom – a perfect way to broaden horizons and foster intercultural dialog and understanding, ultimately leading to what is at the very heart of AGS's mission: peace though education.

5. Personalized attention to students

A characteristic feature of AGS is its personalized learning environment. AGS is a small, elite graduate school, offering a very different experience than that typical of a large university. Classes have between five and twenty students, allowing professors to dedicate individual attention to everyone, and reinforcing AGS's interactive teaching methods. 

As a student, you also receive personal support from our staff throughout your experience in the program and in Paris, from housing guidance to assistance with French administration, to academic counseling throughout your studies.

6. A Lauchpad for an international career

The AGS programs lead to a wide array of positions in government, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, think tanks, and other nonprofit institutions, as well as in the private sector.

The entire educational process at AGS is designed to support your professional successs, from our curricula that can be tailored around your particular career goals, to the connections with the professional arena in Paris, to our career support services.

You are also encouraged to connect with our international network of alumni, which represents a powerful source of contacts spanning over 40 countries throughout the world.

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