Asian Studies Graduate Certificate Program

Two-course Certificate in Asian Studies

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Certificate in Asian Studies is a part-time program providing a specific background in the history and politics of South Asia, with a focus on India, and East Asia, with a focus on China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. It is especially designed for students and professionals wishing to pursue their career in all types of organizations (governmental agencies, NGOs, intergovernmental organizations, private corporations…) working in or with Asian countries.

This program is composed of two courses taught in English, in Paris, and scheduled part-time over two semesters to accommodate the schedules of working professionals. Each semester course consists of one weekly three-hour session during 13 weeks.

Note that these programs are best suited to students or professionals already residing in Paris, since part-time programs in France do not grant eligibility for a student visa. However, it is possible to combine this program with other AGS Certificate programs in order to reach a full-time status (three or four courses). Please contact our Academic Coordinator for more information about this:

Please also note that the offering of this program is based on course availability. See two-year course schedule


IRD-EA-660 : South Asia: Geopolitical Developments Since WWII

Students are expected to get a better understanding of the history of South Asia since the Second World War: assessing the importance of this area in today’s “global village”cannot be divorced from a historical perception of the last six decades. The course should fill a gap specially for students from Western countries whose knowledge and information regarding Asia may need to be deepened.

This series of lectures is meant to give an overview of the developments of the last 60 years in South Asia, with a focus on India, based on the experience of the instructor. Emphasis will therefore be on the general trends, whether political, economic or strategic, that have affected the area. The students should thus be able to perceive the relevance of these historical developments to the world of today.

The participants to the course will have to write a short paper (maximum ten pages) which will be discussed in the lectures, on a topic to be chosen from a list provided by the instructor.

IRD-EA-661 : East Asia: Geopolitical Developments Since WWII

China and the whole of East Asia have tremendous and growing importance and yet, too little is known in the West about the region. In this course we will discuss in the main, the development of China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Despite having a marvelous and advanced culture, through negligence of certain aspects of technology and internal strife, East Asia fell upon difficulties and was dominated by outside forces. Its potenial was realized by many, as Napoleon was said to have cautioned "Let China sleep, for when she awakes the world will tremble". By tracing the history of the region, and in particular the recent history of East Asia, we will understand better how East Asia is today an emerging and very powerful area. We will investigate the challenges that East Asia faces today and the challenges that it presents to the rest of the world.

Credit Policy

The courses in this program are accredited in the US through AGS's partner institution Arcadia University. Each course bears 3 graduate credits. Courses taken as part of a Certificate program may be transferred to a full degree program at AGS (based on your eligibility for that program): M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy or Ph.D. in International Relations and Diplomacy. They may also be transferred to a degree program in another institution, depending on that institution's transfer policy.


Ambassador Dominique Dreyer, Ph.D., Associate Professsor at AGSThe Asian Studies Certificate is taught by Ambassador Dominique Dreyer, Ph.D., a Swiss diplomat who spent twenty-four years of his thirty-five-year diplomatic career in Central and East Asia. Among other assignments, Professor Dreyer was Minister at the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan (1988-1992), and Ambassador of Switzerland to China, Mongolia and the People's Democratic Republic of Korea, based in Peking (2000-2004) and to India, Nepal and Butan (2004-2008).

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