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Wednesday, 03 September 2014

The coursework requirement for the M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy consists of 14 courses, including 7 electives, for a total of 42 credits.

Note that in some exceptional cases, you may request to transfer courses from another institution. This has to be examined on a case-by-case basis with the Academic Coordinator (

Required Courses

(Click on each course title to read its description)

IRD-R-580 : Factors and Theories of Analysis in International Relations and Diplomacy

IRD-R-581 : Research Methodology and Design

IRD-R-682 : Foreign Policy Formulation and Diplomacy

IRD-R-583 : International Public Law

IRD-R-684 : Current Economic Problems and Policies

IRD-T-690 : Research and Proposal Tutorial

IRD-T-691 : Thesis and Defense Tutorial

Elective Courses

Choose seven, including two area courses.

Important: note that not all of the courses below are available every semester: click here see the course offering of the upcoming four semesters

(Click on each course to read its description)

IRD-E-621 : Current Issues in International Relations and Diplomacy

IRD-E-622 : International Organizations

IRD-E-601 : Theory and Origins of Global Conflict

IRD-E-602 : Strategy and Conflict Resolution

IRD-E-603 : Cultural Development and Awareness

IRD-E-501: Geopolitics

IRD-E-502: Geopolitics of Religion

IRD-E-504 : Global Communications, Media and International Affairs

IRD-E-605 : International Trade, Banking and Finance

IRD-E-507 : Principles of Economics
(note: this is a required course for students who cannot demonstrate an adequate background in economics. It is then deducted from the number of electives to be taken)

IRD-E-508 : Beginnings of the Contemporary Political Order

IRD-E-509 : Anthropology and Politics

IRD-E-610 : Post-Modernity and International Relations and Diplomacy

IRD-E-611 : Comparative Politics

IRD-E-514 : International Environmental Politics

IRD-E-616 : Extreme Crisis Situations: Terrorism, Government and Media

IRD-E-617: Gender, Militarization and War

IRD-E-618 : NGOs: An International Perspective

IRD-E-619 : NGOs: Principles and Management

IRD-E-699 : Internship for credit

Elective Area Courses

IRD-EA-613 : Issues in U.S. Foreign Policy

IRD-EA-630: A History of the Modern Middle-East

IRD-EA-631: Conflict in the Modern Middle-East

IRD-EA-640 : Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa

IRD-EA-641: The Scramble for African Resources

IRD-EA-650 : Central and South America

IRD-EA-660 : South Asia: Geopolitical Developments Since WWII

IRD-EA-661 : East Asia: Geopolitical Developments Since WWII

IRD-EA-670 : European Foreign Policies

IRD-EA-671 : The European Union and the World

IRD-EA-672 : Russian Politics

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