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Thursday, 08 October 2009

In order to apply to any of the dual degree programs, you simply have to complete the regular application procedures for the M.A. program (see here). Additional requirements for the dual program option will be as follows.

Note that this is only for your information; you do not need to do anything additional at the time of your M.A. application, as you will be able to apply to the dual program options while in the program.  

Additional Requirements for the Dual Program in IRD + International Service

Who’s eligible

Through AGS’s partnership with American University (AU), AGS students and alumni from the M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy program who meet the following conditions are eligible to apply to AU’s Master of International Service - International Studies Track:

  • AGS students in their second year who are in good academic standing (GPA of least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale). Note that while a pre-admission decision will be given based on academic standing at the time of application, definitive admission will be conditional on the successful completion of all of the AGS M.A. degree requirements.

  • AGS alumni who have graduated within the past three years to the time of application

How to apply

To pursue this dual program, you must first apply to the M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy at AGS. Application to the Master of International Service-International Studies Track is done during your second year at AGS. 

Applicants must be nominated by AGS before applying directly to AU’s School of International Service. Those who are interested must contact AGS’s academic coordinator at

Applications deadlines

Please check on AU’s website for precise deadlines. For information, deadlines are usually as follows:

  • For the Fall: end of April/beginning of May

  • For the Spring: end of October

Additional Requirements for the Dual Program in IRD + Diplomacy & Strategic Negotiation

Students may apply to enter the Université of Paris-Sud (Sceaux) program if they:

  • have completed one year of study at AGS and have earned 24 credits

  • are in good academic standing, with a minimum GPA of 3.0

  • have an intermediate level of French by the time of admission into the UPS program

Admission into the Université Paris-Sud program is subject to approval by the AGS Academic Committee.

Students who begin AGS in the Spring semester are encouraged to begin the Université de Paris-Sceaux program in their fourth semester (Fall).

Additional Requirements for the Dual program in IRD + LL.M. in French and EU Law and Business Ethics

Admission to the Cergy-Pontoise LL.M. is contingent on the student having successfully completed the M.A. program and an additional set of four preparatory law courses given at AGS. A pre-law undergraduate degree is not necessary to apply for the M.A.-LL.M. program.

To apply, please contact AGS's Academic Coordinator ( who will connect you with Université de Cergy-Pontoise.

Additional Requirements for the Dual Program in IRD + International Peace & Conflict Resolution

Candidates may start this dual program at either of the two participating institutions: in France, at the American Graduate School in Paris, or in the United States, at Arcadia University (Philadelphia, PA). Applications must be made to the institution where they wish to start.

  • To start the program in France and apply to the American Graduate School in Paris, please follow the regular M.A. application procedure (see here)

  • To start the program in the US and apply to Arcadia University, please click here.

  • Students who are already enrolled at Arcadia University and wish to pursue the dual program with AGS, please contact our Academic Coordinator at

Please note that admission into the other institution to pursue the second degree will follow on the condition that the student is in good academic standing at the first institution.

Students pursuing one of the two degrees individually may decide during the course of their studies to opt for the dual degree option. They will then have to work with the academic coordinator of each program to ensure that their curriculum meets the dual degree requirements. However, applicants are encouraged to determine in advance if they wish to follow the dual degree track.

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