AGS Graduate Student Conference 2014

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

9th AGS Annual Graduate Student Conference

Cyber-Developments in International Relations:
Impacts on an Evolving World

17-18 April 2014

This conference is open to the general public. If you wish to attend, please contact or fill in the contact form on the right.

Today’s world is rapidly evolving at a rate where relationships are not longer guided and conducted by physical presence, close proximity and whispered words. Today’s world is not willing to hold on to traditional forms of diplomacy and governance that have dominated conventional thinking for the last century. Today’s world is not afraid to step outside the boundaries of convention in order to push the human race forward.

The theme of the AGS Conference this year is geared towards addressing the challenges that globalization has placed on our current generation. In a world of International Relations, where new forms of security, social media, human rights and corporate lobbying are having profound effects on the international climate, it is necessary to learn about these changes and challenges. It is vital that current and future practitioners and academics are made more aware of the challenges being faced for our future.

This is part of our goal for the 9th annual student conference: “Cyber Developments in International Relations.” The conference will seek to examine the current atmosphere within the diplomatic and international relations landscape and analyze the impact that social media has on government initiatives and the global public square, as well as its impact on education and on human rights. The conference will also explore the possibilities of how interstate and intrastate governance is affected via cyberspace, whether economically, politically or socially.

Scholars, practitioners and graduate students from countries all around the world will present and discuss such themes regarding cyber-development as it relates to cyber-security, social media impact, cyber-activism, etc.

By connecting practitioners and students, this conference will aim to provoke lively discussion and develop ideas for furthering the development of International Relations into a modernized international sphere.

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Conference Location

American Graduate School in Paris
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Telephone: +33 (0)1 47 20 00 94

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Graduate Student Conference Committee
American Graduate School in Paris
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Telephone: +33 (0)1 47 20 00 94

For questions about the conference, feel free to contact Stefan De Las, Student Conference Coordinator, at

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