AGS Graduate Student Conference 2015

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

10th AGS International Graduate Student Conference

The Influence and Role of NGOs in Global Governance:
From Grassroots to Global

Paris, 23-24 April 2015

This 10th edition of AGS's International Graduate Student Conference will discuss the impact of NGOs on the evolving global sphere through their involvement and influence on global governance through campaigns, lobbying, policy development, and social media mobilization. The sphere of influence of the NGO network has altered the landscape of domestic and national decision-making, from the State being the primary decision-maker to global governance and civil society holding increased power and legitimacy in decision-making and policy formation. This can be seen in core issues such as climate change, children’s rights, international development, and gender equality at the local, national, and international levels.

Through information, debate, and dialogue, this conference will offer a platform for exchanges of ideas and research among graduate students and scholars from around the world, as well as professional from think tanks, NGOs, Intergovernmental Organizations, governmental agencies, and research centers.

AGS's International Graduate Student Conference is organized every year by graduate students in its International Relations and Diplomacy programs, with the supervision of Dr. Ruchi Anand, Professor at AGS.

Thursday, April 23:

The first day of the conference will host four panels with various themes such as the role of NGOs in influencing policy change, development, LGBT rights and gender equality. It will also feature a keynote panel with Jean-Marie Fardeau, France Director of Human Rights Watch.

Attendance is free, no registration is required to attend (based on space available.)

Friday, April 24:

The second day of the conference will be devoted to workshops with the conference participants, focusing on themes such as NGOs and International Law, NGOs in Democratic vs. Non-democratic States, and NGO partnerships with Multinational Corporations.

Pre-registration is mandatory for the workshops (50 Euros).

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