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Monday, 17 October 2016

From guest talks to social gatherings to conferences, a large array of events punctuate the academic year at AGS. Taking your AGS experience far beyond the classroom setting, they give you many opportunities to connect with fellow AGSers, network with the international professional community around Paris... and enjoy the moment!

AGS Talk Series

AGS Wine and Cheese Evenings

Networking and Partner Events

AGS Graduate Student Conference

Social Events

Graduation in the French Senate

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AGS Talk Series

AGS frequently hosts special presentations and discussions on various topics of international affairs, which diversify perspectives brought into the classroom and stimulate exchanges of ideas. In addition to its own faculty experts, AGS brings in eminent guest speakers from Paris’ many international organizations, businesses and embassies or from other institutions around the world. The form of the talk varies depending on the topic and speaker, ranging from debates around current issues, to lectures followed by Q-and-A sessions, to career advice from diplomats and other practitioners.

Previous guest speakers have included former presidents of humanitarian NGOs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, Ambassadors and former Ambassadors, and senior staff members of various UN agencies (UNEP, UNESCO, UNICEF, etc.), among many others.

AGS Wine and Cheese Evenings

Held a couple of times each semester, the signature AGS “Wine-and-cheese” evenings bring students, alumni, faculty and other guests together in an informal atmosphere to discuss a topic of international affairs around a buffet of French gourmet cheeses and wines. The evening’s speaker gives a presentation on the subject and animates a discussion where everyone is welcome to join. The format is open and varies from evening to evening, but the conviviality never waivers.

Examples of previous topics include: “WikiLeaks and the Old Media,” animated by Serge Schmemann from the International Herald Tribune; “Syria, the UN, and International Law,” by German diplomat and international law expert Ambassador Wilfried Bolewski; and “Emergence of China: End of the West's Dominance?” by former Swiss Ambassador to China and to India Dr. Dominique Dreyer.

Networking and Partner Events

Thanks to its connections with the Paris-based international community, AGS receives invitations throughout the year for its students to participate in various events hosted by the many international organizations and institutions headquartered in Paris. These represent important networking opportunities.

Examples include the annual OECD Forum, international conferences at UNESCO and UNEP, Embassy receptions, meetings at the Académie Diplomatique Internationale, and a regular conference call series with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Graduate Student Conference

The annual AGS Graduate Student Conference is a highlight in your academic journey at AGS, and a stimulating forum for exchanges of ideas. It also represents a great opportunity for you to meet and network with academics and professionals from all continents engaged in the same field as you.

As a graduate student, you are invited to write and present a paper at the conference. You can also choose to become involved in the organization of the event. More information here.

Social Events

The AGS staff and Graduate Student Association organize regular social 
events bringing together the AGS community to help you immerse yourself in the vibrant social life in Paris.

The "Friday Night Drinks" event organized by the staff at the
 beginning of each semester is a great way to get to know fellow
 students and Paris-based alumni, and to mingle with the faculty and 
staff in a convivial atmosphere.

The Graduate Student Association also organizes many parties and outings around the city, including picnics by the Eiffel Tower, bicycle tours, and museum visits, as well as a Thanksgiving party every year.

Student Fall Trip

Every fall, the AGS Graduate Student Association organizes a student trip to a destination somewhere in Europe. Previous destinations have included Oslo, Porto, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

The trip is almost completely funded by the Student Association and offers an affordable and enjoyable opportunity to visit a new country, experience another culture, and bond with fellow students along the way.

Graduation in the French Senate

Every year in June, the AGS Graduation ceremony celebrates the new class of graduating students, a mix of traditional US commencement rituals and French formal “remise de diplôme.” The ceremony is held in the Alliance Française auditorium in the same building as AGS, and starts with an inspiring commencement address. Previous speakers have included former French Prime Ministers Alain Juppé and Michel Rocard; writer and journalist Alan Riding ; and Permanent Representative of Lebanon to UNESCO Ambassador Samira Hanna-El-Daher, formerly Head of Mission in China and the UN, and first woman Ambassador to Japan.

The ceremony is followed by an impressive reception and dinner in the French Senate, overlooking the Luxembourg gardens, a five-minute walk from the school. As an AGS student, you are always welcome to attend in anticipation of your own turn to graduate!

Alumni Events

The AGS Alumni Association organizes events for alumni as well as for current students. Some of these are social gatherings and reunions; others, such as career workshops or guest lectures, involve alumni addressing the current students to share their experience – a meaningful way to pay it forward to future AGS generations.

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