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Monday, 17 October 2016

The Graduate Student Association at AGS acts as both a representative of the student body and a support network, providing assistance as you settle into your new Parisian life and throughout your experience at AGS. It was created for students by students, to represent and support them during their time in the International Relations programs.

The elected members come together to create opportunities for all students to discover and make the most of their academic, professional and social experience at AGS and in Paris. It organizes events that offer bonding experiences for students, as well as a way for them to immerse into Parisian life and cultural diversity together.

  • The association aims to build connections amongst fellow classmates, students who will be going through similar situations.

  • The GSA represents the student body to stimulate communication with other entities of the school such as the faculty, the academic committee, the administration and the alumni association.

  • The GSA provides students with social support while building their own community in Paris.

  • The GSA's Hospitality Committee helps students to get settled. It encourages current students to host incoming students until they find permanent housing, and in coordination with the school administration, it helps students to find housing, get their internet connection established, open their bank account, etc. 

  • The GSA gathers suggestions of all types - academic matters, professional opportunities, logistical issues, technological improvements, etc. - from students and submits them to the administration of the school.

  • The GSA organizes and funds a variety of events around and out of Paris, such as picnics, bicycle tours, wine and cheese tastings, boat rides on the Seine river, Thanksgiving parties.

  • Every year, the GSA organizes a trip to another part of France or another country. Previous locations include Oslo (Norway), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Porto (Portugal), and a stay in an castle in the Loire Valley. 

Membership is free. Each AGS International Relations student is automatically a member of the Association and is free to contribute ideas. The school gives a financial contribution for each student.

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